Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet?

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 30, 2007, by Meesh!.

In my full opinion, this album has a cool few songs that are fun to listen to, but I wouldnt say it's Bodom's greatest album of all time

1."are you dead yet?" into is solid and powerful and full of pure grindage. yelling comes in with a fast paced guitar riff and its just awesome. makes you want to headbang a bit. drums bass and guitar work so well together to make a great noise. alexi's voice sounds serious in what he is saying. this song is just so lively it definately keeps you interested in it. "enemy take one good look at me renegate what you always be tainted flesh polluted soul through a mirror i behold..should i regret it or ask myself, are you dead yet?" the song makes it point.

2. "if you want peace prepare for war" just already the song is full of energy and i just feel anger coming from the song and just fury. well alexi laiho just sounds angry period because of his voice..but the riffs are awesome and make it easy to follow them well. i dont know when i listen to this song my head moves a bit but in more of a fun way. the title of the song says it all, and its so true. sadly in todays world, you really can have peace without some sort of form of war....the solo is just so much fun and so fast..well alexi is always fast...this song is just fun and it makes me feel like speeding down a raceway super fast.

3. "living dead beat" intro just with some drums and cool piano notes come in with some heavier bass and guitar...then the beat is just very bouncy and fun but still heavy...then the song just really speeds up nicely.."like living dead we'll never die"...bodom's lyrics are just great.

4. "punch me i bleed" intro is actually slower compared to most of bodom's songs...but still its real cool.. got the open e note that all the metal bands use you know..its fun stuff..this song took away my headache thats weird. again alexi just sounds angry in all of his songs aha.

5. "In your face" I really love this song. the intro is different, its cool, its full of energy and really sets the tone for how the song will make you feel. the part after the intro is just awesome, especially when used with lyrics..honestly some of bodom's lyrics are hard to understand when youve never heard them before, and that includes some of this song..except for the chorus which i just love..if you're upset or angry at someone this song is for you! =]

6. "next in line" song is just different than all the other songs on this album for some reason..the verses are a bit slower for bodoms normal style but the part after each verse fits bodom more so. i must admit, not my favorite bodom song, but gotta love alexi's voice.

7. the intro is so much fun..i just see a stage and people in a pit and spit flying everywhere..ha...but the song is fast-paced and just out there making the song really interesting..especially when piano effects are used and solos are thrown in.

8. "we're not gonna fall" the intro just sounds sounds like a knight riding a strong beasty stallion about to fight the evil enemy knowing that he will win and not fail.."were not gonna fall" so hey my idea works..i love the guitar harmonics going on in the background in certain parts of the song...this song is so much fun..i think i could almost dance to it maybe..the solo in this song is intense and full of power and rage and just its a huge explosion of high-noted soloing with a great guitar riff in the background..need a song for a battle scene?

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