Cheap Sex (The Final Shows) June 23 & 24

Written by Big Smile Staff

Cheap Sex (The Final Shows) June 23 & 24 @ The Alley
Posted Jun 28, 2007, by ME.

I've never been to the Alley in Fullerton. It seems like an ok place to have shows. I missed most of the opening bands. On Saturday I heard 46 Short, but I didn't see them. If you haven't heard Career Soldiers by now then get out of the punk scene. I mean they're what Cheap Sex was when I was in high school. Anyway they're a really good band, but I like them better on CD then live for some reason I can't explain. They still put on a good show. Before I get to Cheap Sex I will say the last shows for Cheap Sex should have been at the Allen or the Knitting Factory. Cheap Sex was filming for a DVD at these two shows also. Supposedly they're releasing a DVD/unreleased tracks combination. Cheap Sex is always good live, but you'll never know that. The crowd sucked. I mean kids running around in the pit like it was gym class. They played all their "hits" and will be missed by at least me. Thanks to Cheap Sex and all the memories. I would talk about Sunday, but I got kicked out in like 15 minutes. I wish I could have seen the last California show in its entirety. Will the Virus make a comeback? Rumor or truth?

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