Cash Kings @ Best Of OC 9/20/07 (Cover)

Written by Jonny Havoc

The Best Of OC. Cash Kings.

Sep 20, 2007

The Best Of OC is a thing that the magazine called OC Weekly does, they have all their readers vote for the best comic book store, food, music, and everything you can think of, and a few that you would of never and then throw a party with them all there, and that's how our night started.

It was located at a hotel near Disneyland, quickly people pouring in this pool area. Their was free food tasting, free vodka and tequila shots, poker tables, and the DJ was great, only played some of the best songs.

JOHNNY CASH TRIBUTE BAND called Cash Kings and they were absolutely one of the greatest Johnny Cash cover bands I have ever heard! They played the same way I would expect that Johnny would play live at the best of oc. They really made my night great.

Next was went I went taking pictures with people, their was a lot of people here I did not expect to see here like, Christian and Broke Back Jackson from Love Thyne, Ed the Mullet Man and Billy.

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