Capital X - Xombie

Written by Sky Fisher

Artist - Xombie
Album - Capital X

Xombie was part of my mission to explore new music genres. As five piece "hood metal" band from NYC, Xombie already has a loyal following that resulted in performances at Bamboozle and other festivals.

What is "hood metal"? Well, the best comparison I can make of Xombie is early Linkin Park with a little more banging and rapping. Capital X is an interesting album - there are songs that belong right next to any other rock track ("Rock Bottom") and then there are others that left me going "...what was that?" ("Velocirapper"). Xombie is certainly forming a unique sound - I can't say "hood metal" has ever been my thing but I found myself listening to certain songs, particularly "Rock Bottom" and "Miss Behave" over and over. This is probably related to the fact that both sounds are reminiscent of Linkin Park, one of my favorite bands.

Xombie is not my new favorite thing but they are worth a listen - if an entire album of hood metal isn't your style, I suggest at least listening to "Rock Bottom" and "Miss Behave".

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