By All Means - What You Make Of It

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Oct 19, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Genre: Punk;

Do you guy have a web site?
Brandon: We have two and one is in the works and its and we are getting ready to put up a new one with all the flash animation and stuff, and of course we have the myspace its

What are your names and positions in the band?
Craig: Singer and guitar player.
Brandon: I am the drummer.
Grant: Bass and uhh Bass.

What is your music’s genre?
Brandon: Alternative punk and rock.

Did you guys have and previous band names?
No we have always been By all means since it’s been the three of us.

What Venue would you guys like to play at that you haven’t played already?
Craig: I would have to say House Of Blues
Brandon: Glass House

What Venue is the best and worst to play at?
Craig: The worst was Hennessy and was a bar that just said turn your stuff down
Grant: The Knitting Factory was good we haven’t played Chain in a while this place is always good.

What is one band that you would one day want to open up for?
Craig: Bad Religion
Grant: NOFX

Where do you wish your band to be in five years?
Brandon: on the road
Craig: I say on a good indie label like fat records or epitaph they sign good punk bands

What other instruments can each member play besides the one they play in the band?
Brandon: I can play drums, guitar, saxophone and a little bit of piano
Grant: I can play the clarinet but that was a long time ago and a little bit of piano
Craig: fake drums and some keyboard

Any funny or interesting stories after a show?
Craig: I think our whole life
Brandon: that and our new used van breaking down

What do you guys thing about UFO’s?
Craig: their there

What do you guys do other then the band for work?
Brandon: Im a server
Grant: I work at a restaurant
Craig: Im a cable guy

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?
Craig: Stevie Ray Vaughan, NOFX and Goldfinger
Brandon: Cherry Poppin Daddies
Grant: I used to listen to R&B then I got in to pearl Jam and all the 90’s rock

What is your guy’s latest cd?
Brandon: What you make of it

how did you come up with the title?
Craig: because we were like faster punk and this Cd’s sound quality is better and more diverse and we didn’t know how people would take it so its what you make of it

during recording did it feel like it took long or did it go by fast?
Brandon: It went by pretty quick for as many songs as we did
Craig: 16 tracks in maybe 2 weeks with 8-hour shifts so really 13 days

What did you guy’s think about it after you were done?
Craig: Yea we were pretty happy about it
Brandon: the hard part was just figuring out where the tracks were going to go

where can you get your cd?
Grant: and on interpunk as well and iTunes

What did your fans say about your cd?
Brandon: It has mixed reviews
Craig: I think we have actually got more fans because of this cd so its been good

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