Bullet Treatment / It's Casual 7" Split

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jun 16, 2008, by ME.


Featured Artists: Bullet Treatment; It's Casual; Genre: Punk;
This is the first time I have heard Bullet Treatment and they’re not my favorite hardcore/punk band, but they are pretty good. Apparently they are formed from members of Vultures United & The Icarus Line. On this split, Bullet treatment has two songs to contribute – “The Bride and the Wolf” and “Law of Observation.” I really like “Law of Observation” – it’s the best song on the split. I wouldn’t mind listening to them again. That’s pretty good since I don’t ever really give bands a second chance. As for It’s Casual, my opinion of them is the total opposite. They have a rock-n-roll metal sound, but the voice really doesn’t fit with the music. That really bothered me. I wouldn’t listen to them again on purpose and I don’t see why they are on a split with Bullet Treatment because they are not similar at all.

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