Broadway Calls - Self Titled

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 12, 2008, by Cristal <3.


Genre: Alternative;

Broadway Calls re-release of their self titled CD coming out on Adeline Records, definitely brought back memories of the pop punk phase that went through my High School years which still lingers freshly in my mind. Once you hear the voice of Ty Vaughn, you can feel the intensity of a punk influenced musician through out the CD from beginning to end (it kind of reminds me of Mr. Billie Joe from legends Green Day and a hint of Dustin from Thrice, especially in "Call It Off" and "Three Weeks"). On this self titled CD, Broadway Calls keep an upbeat tempo through out the whole CD (unlike those other CD's where they plummet at the end) which includes catchy, memorable lyrics such as, "...I gave up my chance that night, I know honesty is one thing I never flaunted, we go too fast and lose control, over and over we roll". Even though Broadway Calls is labeled as a Pop Punk band, these guys decided to follow in the true punk foot steps mixing it with Pop and left out those sobbing stories about how some girl they loved broke their heart. Not only did Broadway Calls come out with a great CD, they are even more amazing live so if they are rolling through your town, be sure to grab this self titled CD and rock out with these guys during their live performance

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