Brett Schieber

Written by Josh Snider

Jun 1, 2005, by Josh Snider.

Genre: Pop;
What would genre is your music? alternative/poprock

What is music to you? Everything

How did you come up with your band name? My parents gave it to me!

What does your band name mean? Actually, I'm told that Schieber (pronounced 'sheeber') means "breadmaker" in German. I would probably make more money as a breadmaker, but I'm a musician instead!

What venue would you like to play the most that you haven't played at? I was supposed to play the Viper Room when I was in CA last week, but ended up getting moved to the Knitting Factory instead. The Knitting Factory was great, but I'd still love to play at the Viper Room someday.

What venue has been the best to play at? I like playing at the Borders store at Arbor Mall in Atlanta. The people there are so nice and very receptive. It's a fun challenge to play in a place like that.

Who do you one day want to play a show with or open for? Jump Little Children, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Jonatha Brooke, Fleetwood Mac....anyone really!

Why do you play music? I tried to quit music once, but I just couldn't do it. It means far too much to me and I get more joy out of writing and performing my music than anything else in this world.

What makes you strive to be heard? It means a lot to know that someone even heard my music. To be honest, that's the most frustrating thing about being an independent artist (with no money). Just getting anyone to listen is extremely difficult.

Why would anyone want to hear your music? Because I feel like I have something to say.

What you are saying thru your music? Many of my songs are about personal issues, but a lot are also about my perception of society, religion, schooling, etc.

Is it just you or do you play with anyone else? I play a lot of solo acoustic gigs joined by Darrell Leven on lead guitar. I also often put together a rhythm section to play some more rocking gigs around Atlanta. I have no permanent rhythm section at the moment though.

Where do you wish for your band to be in 5 years? Making a living with my music.

Do you have any advice to starting bands? Don't make music for other people. If your honest and please yourself, you're bound to find others that can relate.

What is the best thing about music? Music can touch anyone and everyone.

What do you want to see happen thru music in the future? Less niche marketing.

Are you doing anything to progress those ideas? Hopefully my songs will help, but just saying that seems very egotistical!

What religion are you? Grew up as a Christian.

Does your religion effect your music? I wouldn't call my self a Christian anymore. I don't affiliate myself with any religion... and yes, that has been an issue in songs I've written.

Any funny or interesting stories? One summer, I worked at Emmanual Lewis' (Webster) recording studio.

Did your parents like you playing when you were younger? They tolerated it. I'm very lucky!

Do your parents like you playing music today? They'd rather see me working a real job, but they're happy if I'm happy (at least that's what they tell me!).

Does being involved in playing music make you miss out on anything? Only things that cost money!

What advantage do you have above other people because you play music? I've gotten to meet people and go to places that I would have never been able to if I haven't been playing music.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up? Old groups my mom introduced me to like Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Fleetwood Mac, etc. All the classics!

What would you say to a kid who has no faith in himself? Write about it. Turning sadness into something can make you feel better about yourself and it's the most productive thing you can do.

How old were you when starting to play instruments? For as long as I can remember...

Anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview? You're awesome! Thank you!

Have you ever been on tour, how many and how did they go? Just small gigs in various cities, mainly Atlanta (my hometown). I'd love to do a full blown tour though. Any booking agents interested???

What's your latest CD? "Television and Trash"

How long did you wait from start to finish making the CD and how did it feel? It always takes me a long time. I think it took about two years.

What do you think about it? I love it, of course!

Where can we get it? My gigs, or send me an email at and ask for an order form! It's an 11 song cd for $5.

What do you want people to get out of listening to it? Comfort.

Any advice for anyone thinking about making a CD? Save up more money and plan ahead for more time than you originally think! It always takes more time and costs more than you think.



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