Boys Night Out

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Posted Sep 1, 2005, by GG-.

Featured Artists: Boys Night Out; Genre: Alternative;
with Kara Depuy (Keys)

What has been your favorite venue to play at on warped tour? We’ve had really good shows the whole tour but I think that it has been the best here (at CSULB). There is a really good energy with the crowd and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. I had a really good time today.

When did the band decide to change their style of music? We have just matured with the music and Jeff is a great writer; he actually writes short stories. We actually took one of his short stories and turned it into a concept album, so that’s what Train Wreck is. It’s a story based on someone on death row. Jeff and Connor wrote all the lyrics to it. It’s more of like a rational production of maturity.

Why did you feel the music was getting old? I don think it was getting old, I just think that we wanted to try something different, something that’s not really being done right now. We really wanted to write an album, not just a bunch of catchy songs. We really wanted to write an artistic album that people could enjoy from beginning to end.

Have you been on tour before?
It’s amazing. I’ve done small tours with other small bands before but nothing like this. This is the best job in the world, as far as I am concerned. I’ve having a wonderful time.
When and where was your first show? It was the first day of Warped Tour in Columbus; it was great.

Do you have any advice for starting bands? It takes a lot to bring a band together. There are a lot of different factors involved, like the right mix of people, people who are like-minded and people that you can get along with. If you try to start a band and it doesn’t work, than try again.

How did you come up with your band name? It’s from Billy Madison. The part where he goes to the teacher’s house and he’s drunk and he asks her to go out with him. She says no, and he’s like alright boys night out.

Do you have a new album coming out anytime soon? Yeah, Train Wreck is coming out on July 26th. We’ve worked very hard and we are very happy with it. We are excited

How long were you in the studio? A month and a half. We did the record with Machine. He did the last Armor For Sleep. He did Every Time I Die, which isn’t out yet. He is an amazing producer; I loved working with him. He knew how to get the best performances out of us. He did a lot for our sound.

Are there any bands that you guys have become particularly close with? Well, we are sharing a bus with Hidden in Plain View and we have had a great time with them. They are a great band and they are really great guys.

How is it for you being the only girl in the bus? There are, actually, 14 boys. I have to admit that I was very nervous, at first, because I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like and I wasn’t sure that I would survive but it has been a really unique experience. All the guys are great. Especially the guys in Boy’s Night Out, we all get along really well and we all have a mutual respect for one another. It hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would; everyone has been really cool.

Do you have any bands that you look forward to touring with? We’re going on tour with Fallout Boy, The Starting Line and Motion City Soundtrack coming up this fall and we’re really excited about that.

What are your musical influences? I think that the band, collectively, has been influenced by Eband. We listen to them a lot. We listen to a lot of Van Morrison and Say Anything.

How long did you know the band before you became a member? The very first time I met them was warped tour of last year. They brought me out to hang out and see how we clicked personally. Then, from there, we started writing together. Then, they asked me to do the album. After that, we recorded the album, and they asked me to join the band. I’ve actually known the drummer for a while. He is from Detroit where I am from and he was the one who actually got me into the project.

Do you miss your hometown? Yes. I mean, I miss my family and friends but then again I am having so much fun out here. I don’t really have a lot of time to miss them. I do miss home but I would not rather be doing anything else right now.

When did you start playing music? When I was five years old. I’m a classically trained pianist. I’ve been taking lessons for 18 years. I have a degree in that from University of Michigan. It was great timing to join the band because I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree and I was ready to join.

What do your parents think about you playing music? They love it! They come to all of our shows. They are really supportive and really proud of me. They don’t like me being gone so much but at the same time they are really happy.

Have you toured any other countries? I haven’t but the band has been to Europe before. We plan on going over there again and maybe to Japan. I really am looking forward to it.
Is there anything that you would like to say to any fans that are listening to this interview?

Listen to our new album with an open mind because it is a little bit different than anything that we have ever done. It’s really something that we feel is true to ourselves and we think that it is a good representation of us. Listen to it from beginning to end and keep an open mind when listening to it.

Does it get tiring tour on a bus? No, actually, touring on a bus is really great. It’s essential to a tour like this where we are here from 8 in the morning to late at night. We are in the heat, all day, so it’s nice to have a cool place to go to cool off and unwind. We would be very hot and very thirsty if we didn’t have the bus.
What do you guys do on the bus to keep yourselves occupied? We watched Predator the other day. We play video games. We listen to music. We talk. We just kind of hang out.

Does your religion effect your music? No, it doesn’t come into play with our music.
What can we look forward to in your new album as far influences from other bands? I think that we were influenced by Pink Floyd. It’s actually a lot of ourselves in this album. I think that we have a very unique sound. I think that it really comes from us, ourselves. If anything, we are influenced by classic rock more that the music played today.

What makes your band stand out more than the other bands here at Warped Tour? The fact that we have such a large band, with 6 people, makes us stand out. We have piano in our band too, so that makes us stink out. A lot of bands don’t use piano.

Have you been touring where your band has been headlining? They just finished a headlining tour across Canada with Blue Skies of War and As Tall as a Lion and someone else.

Do you expect to be in a band that will be headlining a tour of their own? Definitely. It has been my dream since I was very young. I have definitely been hoping for this for 15 years now.

Any final words for the readers? If your in a band, just keep going because you will eventually get somewhere. Sometimes when things look like they are going nowhere, something happens that can totally change everything. But that is something about this industry; your career can turn around in one second. So if you want to do it, keep trying.



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