Bouncing Souls / Youth Brigade @ HOB Anaheim

Written by Big Smile Staff

Bouncing Souls / Youth Brigade @ HOB Anaheim 11/7/08
Posted Nov 8, 2008, by ME.

Genre: Punk;
We arrived at the House of Blues just in time for Youth Brigade. The first song which I believe was “fight to united”, I lost my phone in the pit, which sucked really bad. Youth Brigade played the usual set like “Punk Rock Mom”, “Violence”, “I Hate My Life”, “Men in Blue”, and of course “Sink with Kalifornija”. This is my third time seeing Youth Brigade and I’m still not tired of them. Very good LA Hardcore. Up next were the Bouncing Souls, The Souls, or the Argyles or whatever you want to call them. Honestly one of the best punk bands that are on Epitaph. They started with “ExCxFxU” Which is an anthem for east coast punks. They also played “Sing Along Forever”, “Johnny X”, “Joe Lies”, Kids and Heroes”, “Private Radio”, “True Believers”, “Hopeless Romantic”, “Night on Earth”, “Gold Song”, “Lean on Sheena”, “Kate is Great”, they played the acoustic version of “Gone” and they threw in the Misfits “Hybrid Moments” while they were at it. The highlight of the night was the Souls cover of 7Seconds “Young ‘til I die.” Even though I haven’t heard that song in months, once I heard that guitar I already knew. I don’t even think they’ve played that song since like the 80’s. A guest singer came on stage, but I don’t know who it was cause I was in the pit and crowd surfing. Damn! What a good night to finish off my crappy week. And to think I wasn’t gonna even go. “Don’t think too much, just let it loose, get up and now’s your chance, we are here and we make you dance.” - Kid

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