Big Smile Presents @ The Clinic 10/19/07 (Punk)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Big Smile Presents @ the Clinic. OCA, CIG, The Outskirts, By All Means, The Scarred. Written Oct 19, 2007

Friday night started with a band from huntington Beach called O.C.A. They were punk rock with a little rockabilly in the mix, they played really fast and really got into their music... Nice guys and I will defiantly be seeing these guys again.

Next was a band called The C.I.G. for Fullerton. The C.I.G. is a old school hardcore/punk band and the kids went nuts for these guys. Chad the singer was all over the place, crawling, on his back, in the pit and before their set i was talking to Chad and he said he was nervice, i haven't seen a someone about to perform get nervice in a long time and it made me feel as if this is what he love to do not a job! The basest played with a broken hand which impressed me and the rest of the guys were awesome. I would defiantly recommend checking these guys out.

Locked And Loaded dropped out.

Third was The Outskirts from LA, formally called Pillow Fight. Charlie De Kay the singer I don't think was feeling the show very music so she didn't move around, but the rest of the guys were rocking out. Charlie sounds a lot like Brody from the Distillers, well the Distillers older stuff and I love the way she sings. It was really awesome to finally see them live and in person!

Fourth was By All Means. They also are from LA and they remind me a lot of NoFX because of their sound and style. They were defiantly awesome to see live. For only having 3 guys in the band they sounded like their was at least 7 people in the band.. they have a full sound. check these guys out!

Last was The Scarred from Orange County, One of the best local punk bands around. From the first music note the kids were moshing with great force and through their set more and more people were moshing for them, i don't even know where all those kids came from. They played an awesome set, completely rock the Clinic! If you never have seen the scarred before i recommend seeing them, they put on a good show and actually participate with the crowed and don't put on that I'm a rockstar face.

Some people I would like to thank for coming out to the show: First of all, all the bands, OCA, CIG, By All Means, The Outskirts, and The Scarred Amy, Nichole, Zep, Christian from Chula Vista, Ducktape boy, Marydean and George, Toby, Chad, Will G for taking some freaken sweet photos, Brandon, Jason and Chris from Five Good Reasons, elm street Richard, and thanks to the guys over at the Clinic.

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