Big Smile Magazine & CDC Presents @The Clinic 11/24/07 (Pop/Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Big Smile Magazine & CDC Present: Letters Burning, Putnam Hall, Claira's Daze The Lyrics Game, Manikin, Girls at War @ The Clinic

Written Nov 24, 2007.

The night went very smoothly, a few problems, but they got figured out before the show even started. All The bands that played were amazing, and I don't this show could of went any better. I spent a lot of my time making sure everything was running smoothly, and running the merch tables out side so I only really had time to run in take a few pictures than go back outside so I didn't get to see much of anyone's sets, but from all that I heard from outside it was a good show!

The bands that played tonight at The Clinic were:
Letters Burning
Putnal Hall
Claira's Daze
The Lyrics Game
Girls At War

And this was the end of my night, that and some tacobell and cards. Hoped you liked my pictures and make sure you check out some of the other reviews from the 24th. Thanks to everyone that came tonight, and THANKYOU all for donating caned food for all the fire victims, you helped out a lot!

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