Bekker - First Things to Come

Written by Mary Dean

Posted Nov 15, 2009, by Mary Dean.


Featured Artists: Bekker; Genre: Alternative;
It is very rare in all the music that we hear each day that it effects us in a major way. I would like to introduce everyone to the new album from Bekker "First Things To Come." It has such a great feeling to it. Each song I can feel the emotions swoaring around each lyric, each note. I get lost after track after track. The mellow vibe it brings allows me to shut my eyes & feel like it was written for me. But the whole album isn't all mellow. There are also songs that make me wanna dance & move. This album is a must have for music lovers. Especially those who can appreciate good lyrics. Check out a few of my favorite songs such as "Shade of Red Master" and "All Tied Up."

So music lovers, do yourself a favor: take a listen to this album.

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