Bayside w/The Sleeping, June, A Day To Remember...

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Bayside w/The Sleeping, June, A Day To Remember & Driver Side Impact
Posted Nov 18, 2007, by Cristal <3.


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If you were looking for a tour with several amazing bands to start your fall season off with a bang, you had to be at Victory Records THE UNITED STATES TOUR which featured one of the top bands today, BAYSIDE, as the headliner. This tour came across Southern California to the Anaheim House Of Blues and also Los Angeles Henry Fonda Theatre. Which one did I pick? BOTH! I had such high hopes that the L.A. show would be one of the best but, was a slight flop compared to Orange County. I guess the rock scene over in OC has much more heart and a bigger open mind.


Starting off the show was a band from Cleveland, Ohio called DRIVER SIDE IMPACT. I've never heard this band before so I was interested in what kind of performance they'd put on. The first thing I noticed was how much energy the guys of DRIVER SIDE IMPACT had even though they only had a few handful of fans that appeared at these shows. You can totally feel how much heart these guys put into their music and their performance which made me fall for their music. DRIVER SIDE IMPACT's set completely melted my heart and made me want even more. They recently released their album "The Very Air We Breathe" on Victory Records which I definetly recommend to any Victory Record fans.

At this point of the show, A DAY TO REMEMBER were suppose to play their set but unfortunately they were having van trouble so they pushed up the next two bands. JUNE started off their set with playing Soulja Boy's - Crank Dat which is surprisingly very popular with the Rock scene. JUNE knew exactly how to pump up the crowd and had them right at their finger tips. This Pop/Rock band from Chicago, Illinois defiently brought the brighter, happier side of music to the stage. The thing I remembered about JUNE the most was how much trust these guys had in eachother. What I mean by that is that there were several times that bassist, AJ Brown, would swing his bass guitar right over lead vocals/guitarist, Tim Brennan's head and not one single time did he hit him and neither of them flinched. JUNE also came out with an album not too long ago called "Make It Blur" so be sure to check that out aswell.

Following JUNE was the unbelievbely talented band called THE SLEEPING. These guys never hold back anything when they play which is what us fans look for in our favorite groups of musicians. THE SLEEPING performed along side their little robotic friends which were an awesome touch to the scenery. One thing that I liked about THE SLEEPING's set was that during one of their songs they have someone come out and play a floor tom along side drummer Joseph Zizzo which is very unique and amazing if I haven't already said that. One of the last songs that THE SLEEPING played made the crowd go wild because everyone has heard this song, especially if they play Guitar Hero 3, "Don't Hold Back". Everyone on the floor were moving to the very catchy tune's of this song which made a great ending to this set.

Finally to come on was the band that was having van trouble, A DAY TO REMEMBER. Starting off with "Fast Foward to 2012", A DAY TO REMEMBER quickly picked up the energy where THE SLEEPING had left it. A DAY TO REMEMBER played a fantastic full set which included most of the songs of their last released album "For Those Who Have Heart". They also tossed in two songs from "And Their Name Was Treason", "1958" and "Heartless", which made the fans break out into a frenzy. A song that I was waiting for was a cover they just recently put out called "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson, which they did play at Anaheim HOB but substitued it with "1958" in L.A.. Lead vocalist Jeremy, stood on the barricades to sing with A DAY TO REMEMBER's fans during their last song, "The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle". For support he grabbed onto fan's hands to reach out further to make it a night to remember, I happened to be one of those lucky fan's.

Last but certainly not least was a band that has inspired everyone who has taken a chance to listen to their words of wisedom and what they believe in, BAYSIDE. Being the headliner of the tour, it's expected for BAYSIDE to end the night in the right way possible. Before BAYSIDE came out to inspire their fans more, Jamie, the creator of TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS came out to speak of his and also other's devotion to one girls story, hoping to help others around the world. He then introduced BAYSIDE who played their set with songs from all their albums including "The Walking Wounded" and also their acoustic EP. BAYSIDE created a huge pit on the floor of HOB of Anaheim that was fantastic.


If you didn't get to catch these bands in action be sure to pick up their albums and/or check out their sites!!!

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