Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jan 18, 2008, by dani.

Genre: Hardcore;
So the show was as expected, amazing! This was the first time BANE has played Chain Reaction since 1998 so everyone was stoked to be there, myself especially. Trash Talk came on and killed it as usual. They were running around on stage, kicking kids in the face, throwing mics at heads... you know, the usual stuff for a Trash Talk show. Their new CD "Walking Disease" just came out, so I suggest you pick it up if you are into hardcore. Next was OUTBREAK, which I have not seen in a couple of years. And they were everything I remembered. Fast, fun and just a good hardcore band from Boston. What more could you want. And finally, BANE! What can you really say, this band is amazing and has been a stable in hardcore music for a long time. With every kid there knowing every word to every song, being around my friends and listening to good music... it was a much needed escape from everyday life. Listen to this band if you don't know who they are. Such a positive and truthful band. I promise you will love every one of their LPs. Pictures: TRASH TALK



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