Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Jul 13, 2007, by ME.


Bad Religion's latest release is entitled "New Maps of Hell." It consists of 16 tracks with 2 singles already on the radio. I love the CD of course. I think it's better than their last CD "The Empire Strikes First." The tempo of the CD is really up beat, but like all Bad Religion CD's they have their slower songs. If you're like me and lyrics matter just as much or even more than the music then you'll have fun trying to decode and make sense of Greg & Brett's lyrical creations. So far it seems like the most complex Bad Religion album; Well, lyrically! Or maybe I just need to pay a little more attention. I really don't know what is up with the double peddle, but they make it sound good, so I guess it's alright. Check for "Requiem for Dissent" and "Dearly Beloved." Really awesome songs. Easily another classic in the 25 plus year career of Bad Religion. This CD will be played constantly for months and years to come in my radio. How 'bout you?

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