Backseat Goodbye - Good Morning, Sunshine

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Aug 8, 2007, by Josh Snider.

Chad Sugg's Backseat Goodbye is brilliant upbeat acoustic folk you can sing along, and listen to all day. At over an hour of music, this album is worth it's going price of $12

BG has done the best job with self-promotion and has gone the furthest I have ever seen an independent-unsigned artist go. Backseat Goodbye has hit "#1 Unsigned Most Played" and "#1 Unsigned Most Downloaded Songs" on PureVolume, as well as the growing popularity on MySpace. Getting 5,000 - 10,000 plays a day (between the two) and sometime reaching 20,000 plays by the early afternoon.

The album starts with 'Good Luck' singing "Wake Up, Good Luck, Good Morning... What if I told you I'm not ready for this?"
On the tune 'An Early Ending' Chad wants to hear her say she loved him, it's maybe not the end of the relationship, but maybe it hasn't started yet either.

In 'Play Three Again' Chad realises that now that he's alone, he changes so much, he used to smile alot and talk about love... but now he sleeps only three times a week, and stays up thinking of "You."

'July' is a Girl that dosn't get out much, so he takes her on a drive, she keeps her eyes closed, and when they get there she is suprised, "it was the kinda thing that makes six hour drives worth while."
On the track 'Still Life' he is trying to pick up on a girl that is playing TOO hard to get. He gives up and is ready to leave this Still Life and move out west.

'Sidewalk Sing Along' is the most uptempo song on the album, about a day with him and a girl, that I myself am guilty of singing along to.
'Slow Songs on Saturday' is nothing like the last number, but is a tune that gives you that bubbly feeling of a lazy saturday.

'Tuesday' is when he wants her to come by at 9, watch a movie, and dance until the moonlight is gone.

'Lady Luck' It's raining, she's pretty, Seattle is not to far with Lady Luck on your side, just remember to call me when you arrive.

'Twenty Two' is for a girl that hate's guitar, but loves piano... so he wrote her this song (that you will catch yourself singing along), he wants her to leave her town and come to his.

In 'All Alright' he asks he is it will all be ok, and tells her too that it will all be alright.

Nod your head, or get up and dance to 'The Good Side'
He's waiting for the 'Encore! Encore!' but he's not suprised when no one is screeming it.

'Swingset Song' explains the little things in his life that he sometimes forgets to notice, the friends he thought he lost but found them just where he left them, and his love for the simple things.

That swetter costs money but your 'Love Is Free.' It's time to leave, but incase they forget the times they had when they grow old, they will have some photographs.

'Old Clothes Atlantic' tells how she is leaving for a couple months, and he misses his misses.

'Easy Lie' is another one you will want to sing and dance to that goes like... "Yeah its good to be kind, and we all love being right, but sometimes wrong turns can lead you to the city lights... we'll make a list of the things we've seen, and when we get back we'll try and tell you, but you still won't believe."

'Curtain Call' explains that she can believe what she wants, and so can he, but he thinks that it should not come between them.

'Verginia' came down the stairs and told him she loves him, the apartment has some problems, but it's a place we can call home.
The last song on this album is 'Heaven, Hell And Tomorrow' and that describes the song better than I could.

This is Backseat Goodbye's sixth self published album, recorded, distributed, and everything else by Chad Sugg in his appartment. If I were you, I would check out (Half this album is available to listen to, and some from his others) or and if you like what you hear, buy "Good Morning Sunshine" on Itunes, or in his website!



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