B2B Sessions @RESPECT (Drum & Bass)

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Nov 10, 2007, by MELODY.


There is a reason that RESPECT is L.A.'s longest running Drum and Bass weekly, and it's not because they have the best drink prices in town. RESPECT tears it up every Thursday night with the sickest line-up of talented Drum and Bass DJ's and producers from all over the United States, and this Thursday was no exception. This week's party sported the talents of DJ's Scooba, E-Sassin, and Flatlyne back to back with Focus.

I was really disappointed that I was not able to make Scooba's set, which I'm sure was full of some sick Ragga Jungle and Wobbly bass lines. For all of you who are unfamiliar with Drum and Bass, Ragga Jungle is a style of Drum and Bass that has a heavy Reggae and dancehall influence. It emerged around the early 90s and has evolved since. Scooba is one of five individuals that call themselves Junglist Platoon, whom started up the weekly Drum and Bass party RESPECT. Seeing as how he spins one of my favorite sub-genres of Drum and Bass, it is needless to say that I was disappointed that I missed his set.


Once I moved past the disappointment I focused in on the next DJ on the decks; E-Sassin. This guy really liked the dark side of DNB. He was hitting us hard with some grimy bass lines that growled at your face. He laid into the hard stuff for the first half of his set, and right when I was expecting him to change it up he threw in some more hard stuff, but with a twist. He transitioned into some tracks that sounded like "trance trapped in hell." That went on for about another 20 minutes, and I was starting to feel like I was supposed to be dressed in my best gothic outfit twirling glow sticks. This was not my favorite part of the night, but I guess it was tolerable. Overall not a bad set, but I was hoping he would give the crowd a little more variety.

While E-Sassin was killing em with his hard sounds downstairs, upstairs the guest DJ was spinning some funky electro. Once I hit the top of the stairs it was like I was in a different club. It was more like a lounge with its big flat screen TV's and retro-inspired decor. This guy actually impressed me by putting on a Drum and Bass remix of one of Ol' Dirty STICKS songs. It got me shaking my booty, along with a handful of people who couldn't resist swinging their hands in the air. Shortly after, the vibrations I felt in my feet beckoned me back downstairs, so we made our way down just in time for the headliners.


Flatlyne, who calls Seattle home, was first up on the decks spinning to an anxious crowd. When he threw on the first track, it was by no surprise to me that it was some dark, hard-step DNB. It seems these days many DJ's tend to stick to the hard-step, because it seems to be the crowd pleaser. I thought it was going to be a repeat of a mediocre set, but he threw in another track that had some crazy syncopated snares. I decided to get up to my feet and give that dancing thing a try. By this time, the crowd was starting to wake up more and drag their bodies to the stage. Resident MC XYZ took to the mic and brought some life back to the party. MC XYZ happens to be one of my favorite MC's in the scene, and last night reassured me that he has some of the fastest on point rhymes in the scene. Before going to RESPECT, I had never heard of or seen Flatlyne. I have to say that he impressed me and made it worth driving out to Hollyweird to catch this Selecta's (DJ) set.

Also worth the drive was North Carolina's Focus who finished up the night with his track selection that set the party off. He started his set out with a DNB remix of the new White Stripes song "Icky Thumbs." It was at this point I could not help but turn to my friend and sport my best Gene Simmons impression. I loved every second of that Dubplate (unreleased DNB track usually given only to other DJ/Producers before release). Focus switched the mood up with some dark liquid tracks that the crowd was definitely feeling. Focus brought a smile to my face and helped me burn a few calories on the dance floor. He spun everything from hard-step to Dark Liquid. During his set, fellow Junglists showed off their best dance moves and threw their hands up in appreciation of this Selecta. This was the first time I had the chance to come and appreciate the sounds of Focus, and I must say he was throwin down da big sounds! Next time I see his name on a flyer I'll be sure to not miss that party!

Overall I would have to say that this party was good times. Good tunes + Good DJ's = GOOD PARTY! Photos courtesy of Regal D

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