Aubrey Wood - Picking Petals EP

Written by marinakarenbauer

Artist: Aubrey Wood
Release: Picking Petals EP
Label: CD Baby
Release date: November 13, 2012

Aubrey Wood really brings out the hopeless romantic out in me with her latest EP, Picking Petals. The stories that so closely chronicle this young artists life makes it both relatable and inspirational. Picking Petals, the follow-up to her self-released 2010 debut was released November 13, 2012, on the CD Baby Label, is set up to be every teenage girls comeback story of the year.
This EP first starts off with Picking Petals, a track that makes you really think about the past; a first love. She talks about lost innocence and love, believing the petals she'd once picked as a younger girl saying 'he loves me, he loves me not,' using the lyrics, “for us those pretty little flowers just knew how to lie.”
As the entire EP continues, Picking Petals transitions to Love Sick, a poppy, upbeat song where she is upset, but still looking on the bright side. When Love Sick fades into the next track, Smile, you fall into the EP head over heels. Smile is a slower song with uplifting tones and small guitar riffs that give you hope about moving on. The fourth track, Island, becomes a bit edgy, leaving behind the innocent, bubble-gumesque pop vibe and bringing a new sense to the EP.
Bringing Picking Petals to a close is the song, The End; an edgier pop anthem for teenage girls to regain hope. Any girl who says she doesn't want to grab a hair brush and sing this feel-good song or blast it in their speakers for an instant pick-me-up, obviously hasn't listened to this yet.
With a voice that is reminiscent of a younger Taylor Swift with more edge and pop, and mixing in hints of Carly Rae Jespen and Demi Lovato, this EP will give you new hopes for 2013.

Track Listing
1. Picking Petals
2. Love Sick
3. Smile
4. Island
5. The End

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