Attica Attica - Dead Skin, Dried Blood

Written by Josh Snider

Posted Dec 5, 2007, by Josh Snider.

My brother did an interview with Attica Attica and I was setting up their music player for their interview, and I couldn't help but take a listen as I was working. I fell in love with it, and put it on repeat (about 15 times). That was about a week ago, and so I came back to the interview to listen to the song again. After the second time I decided to stop what I was doing, and see if they put the lyrics up so I can try and sing-along.

When I was in High School, and I first heard Saves The Day, and I connected with it, sang along, and no matter how much I could turn it up... it would never get loud enough. I got that feeling again when I heard this music. So I couldn't help but check out thier myspace and see what other songs they had up. I enjoyed them very much too! So, I told them about it, and he let me listen to a full copy of the CD.

This album starts with 'Motion Sickness' which is a slower piano song explaining a show by a crazy person. Another favorite of mine is Frostbite. It explains how he (from portlan, OR) is cold and lonely because all of his friends leave for the winter. This song is really catchy and I can see it being a single. A faster more upbeat song is 'A Drige For The Underground' that explainsof an agent who has found the underground. So they now have to burn all of their evidence, "They won't stop until they find something to sell." This album can get a poppy, folky, slow, sweet, and political. The lyrics are well written and the music is easy to enjoy.

For fans of Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, Jawbreaker, and Streetlight Manifesto.



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