Atlas Genius "When It Was Now"

Written by zoeyr

If you're looking for the same old pop dance songs, with the over played artist that says the same chorus over and over, then you're looking for the wrong band. Atlas Genius isn't anything that's on your local pop radio, This electro-pop-dance-something-else-to-hyphen-band lets you break out from your usual genre. It's kind of refreshing actually. These 3 guys are from DOWN UNDAA! Okay...fine, they're from Australia. They are signed to Warner Bros. Records and have released their first debut album, "When It Was Now".

The first track titled, "Electric", caught me off guard, in a good way. But it was crazy how much of an 80's flashback it was. When you think of 80's pop, you have "Electric" by Atlas Genius. The track title is exactly how the song is, it's electric! The next two songs titled, "If So" and "Backseat" were more laid back than the rest of the songs on the album. They used less instruments and used only a touch of the synthesizer/keyboard. Their next song, "Trojans", is one of their most popular songs. If you haven't heard it, it's really catchy. "Trojans" is not like the other songs on the album, it's more indie rock. CAUTION: THIS SONG WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. Anyways, I continued to listen to song after song and I noticed that no two songs are the same sound. Each track was softer, more complex, louder, or more danceable than the others. Which made me think that theses guys aren't messing around. On their website, Keith (vocals/guitar) said, "Our goal is to write songs that we love and hope they connect with other people too." Which brings me to one of their other "love" songs, "All These Girls". When I first heard it I thought, "Awe, how cute. There's no other girls like her!" But when I really listened, that's when I noticed what was really happening in the song. But, you'll have to listen or yourself! Also, like any other new band, some of their lyrics are a little sad, but that's what makes good music right?

"When It Was Now" is one of those albums you just hangout and relax to. Or maybe use it on your next road trip? Pretty good album I'd have to say, check it out on their website

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