At Battles End

Written by Big Smile Staff

Interview with At Battles End with Big Hoss At Chain Reaction 5/18/07

Big Hoss: Do you guys have a myspace?

Matt: Yes we do its

Big Hoss: What are your names and positions in the band?

Jon: I’m a guitarist.

Josh: Guitar.

Matt: Vocals.

James: I’m the drummer.

Big Hoss: How did you guys come up with your band name?

Josh: I came up with the idea and I don’t remember what it meant.

Matt: What it means is like at battles end the battle could be life and at the end you find Jesus Christ.

Big Hoss: Do you have any previous band names?

Matt: “Up To Me” but that was before we were playing shows and stuff like that.

Big Hoss: How many people in the band are original members?

Matt: 3 members.

Big Hoss: What venue would you guy want to play that you haven’t played already?


Matt: Showcase, Glass House and House Of Blues would be great and Soma.

Big Hoss: What was your best and worst venue to play at?

James: Skate parks and softball fields are the worst.

Matt: I think chain is the best place to play at.

Big Hoss: Who do you one day want to open up for?

Matt: Suicide Silence, we had the chance, we played the battle of the bands and got second so it was cool.

Big Hoss: What inspires most of your lyrics?

Matt: Religion, morals and girls most definitely.

Big Hoss: Where do you wish your band to be in 5 years?

Jon: Signed and touring.

Big Hoss: What other instruments can each member play besides the one they play in the band?

Josh: Guitar, Bass, Drums and Piano but I suck at all of them except guitar.

Matt: I play vocals.

Big Hoss: Any funny or interesting stories after a show?

Jon: well we go to dennys every time but that is not at all funny or interesting.

Matt: Yeah, one time after our set someone got robed at gunpoint here at Chain reaction in the parking lot.

Big Hoss: What do you guys think about UFO’s?

Jon: Keep them away from me!

Josh: Their crazy.

Matt: I’m pretty sure we all don’t believe in aliens.

Big Hoss: What do you guys do for work other then the band?

Jon: I’m an EMT.

Josh: I wipe tables at Lucille's.

Matt: I do the same thing.

James: I work at leisure world and watch old people play cards.

Big Hoss: What was some of you’re favorite bands growing up?

Jon: Metallica, Black Sabbath and all the old stuff.

Matt: I’m going to say Brand New, As I Lay Dying and I am ashamed to say this but Hawthorn Heights and then Suicide Silence.

Josh: Job For A Cowboy, The Faceless, and Dashboard.

Big Hoss: Do you guys ever get or find groupies?

Matt: We like talk to them we don’t sleep with them or any thing, we have seen girls wile up on stage start to cry and that’s weird.

Big Hoss: What’s your guy’s latest cd?

Josh: one day I was sitting on myspace and I just threw out and name and it was “Selfishness”

Big Hoss: While recording did it feel like it took long or was it short?

Matt: well it took Jon the longest but It took 5 days.

Big Hoss: So after recording did you guys like the results?

Josh: oh yeah.

Matt: defiantly proud of it.

Big Hoss: Where can people get it?

Josh: At shows.

Matt: yeah, but if someone lives in Alabama we can send them a few copy’s

Big Hoss: What do your fans say about it?

Matt: They really like it.

Big Hoss: when did you find out that you could sing like you do?

Matt: Like 6 months ago, I sounded horrible before, but I just kept practicing and it took a couple of months to get it down.

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