Astronaut Love Triangle @DiPiazzas 3/7/09

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Mar 7, 2009, by Mc Monte Carlo.

Genre: Rock;
I walked in right as the first band was finishing up their last song. They were a girl fronted rock band from LA, (or atleast sounded like it) need I say more?
2nd band was Bert Susanka and the Astronaut Love Triangle. They were a fantastisch band, with enough energy to build a house in a day. They all played together beautifully, keeping it serous and at the same time making it funny and at points hilarious. Singing about fishing, love, girls, squirrels, more fishing. Great energy from the stage when they were on it. Go see these guys the next time they are performing.
3rd Alley. Dieses Band saugt. On their first song, good intro, built it up, and their clothing style and stage presents all pointed in the direction that they were a little more on the punk side and were going to rock a little harder. Sadly enough i was let down. They were a lot more emo and winnie. Should try it acoustically. They were not bad medications, but not someone I would ever see again.
I missed the 4th band. Anyone know who played and how how they were?

But nonetheless it was a good show at DP's, Great drinks, the sound guy was doing a badEsel job and made everyone sound as fantastic within his power.



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