As Blood Runs Black

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted May 21, 2007, by Big Hoss.

Interview with Chris and Ernie of As Blood Runs Black by Big Hoss

Big Hoss: do you guys have a myspace?

Ernie: Of course we do, its

Big Hoss: What are your names and positions in the band?

Ernie: I play guitar

Chris: I sing

Big Hoss: What genre is your music?

Chris: I’m going to be on the safe side and call it metalcore, because it’s a cross between metal and hardcore.

Big Hoss: How did you guys come up with your band name?

Ernie: It’s a reference to every body being the same and bleeding the same

Big Hoss: Did you guys have any previous band names?

Ernie: Well, Chris and I were in another band call One Shot One Kill.

Big Hoss: How many people in the band right now are original members?

Ernie: One, our drummer, we have come along way.

Big Hoss: What venue have you guys been playing and how has it been?

Ernie: Chain Reaction, and home is were the heart is.

Big Hoss: What venues have been the best and worst to play on tour?

Ernie: The alley is a great one.

Chris: and as far as venue goes im going to have to throw out Leathernecks.

Big Hoss: What is one band you would want to play with or open up for?

Chris: there are so many bands and it’s hard to say witch one you would want to pick since there’s so many bands you look up to

Ernie: I think the way we see it is were all trying to do the same thing and there’s really nothing I ever got out of idolizing anybody so I don’t really feel the need to idolize anybody, I think opening up for the bands that headlined the tours we played is fun enough.

Big Hoss: What inspired most of your lyrics?

Chris: The last cd was basically a self-empowerment issue and over coming things with in you’re self and trying to live a better life. But the next cd is defiantly going to be more towards worldly issues and stuff like that.

Big Hoss: Where do you wish your band to be in 5 years?

Ernie: Alive! Hahah. Alive and doing something.

Big Hoss: What other instruments can each person play besides the ones they play in the band?

Ernie: Well… ummm I’m sure you can pick up all those small ones like harmonica and tambourine and the triangle, Chris can play a little bass and our drummer is a good guitarist and a good pianists and Sal can play the skin flute also.

Big Hoss: Any Funny or interesting after a show or wile on tour?

Chris: yea, we went on tour with a band called for the fallen dreams and they wanted to have tour wars so they tried to burn us by doing a couple of things to our van.

Ernie: So what we did is actually what Chris did was he went to Denny’s ate a spicy buffalo melt got bubble guts spewed in to a to go container that container was later placed inside the for the fallen dreams van they thought it was food they didn’t see it festered for about 2 days and there merch guy steps in with a white button up shirt, jeans and socks with no shoes for some reason and steps on the container and splatters the stuff all over him self and the van reeked for the rest of the tour.

Big Hoss: What do you guys think about UFO’s?

Chris: They exist.

Ernie: They are real.

Big Hoss: What do you guys do for work besides the band?

Ernie: Pretty much nothing, this is our life and this is what we do.

Big Hoss: What were some of your favorite bands growing up?

Ernie: All that Pop Punk and Hip Hop

Chris: haha there are so many I’m not even going to get started

Big Hoss: Do any of the band members play in any other bands?

Ernie: No, we don’t have the time for it.

Big Hoss: What do you guys do to keep busy wile on the road?

Ernie: Sleep, act like retards.

Big Hoss: Do you guys have any advice for bands about to go on there first tour?

Chris: Have fun.

Big Hoss: What is your latest cd?

Chris: Allegiance.

Big Hoss: How did you come up with the title?

Chris: It was just us all coming together and sticking through it all and we are pledge allegiance to each other.

Big Hoss: During recording did it feel like it took a long time or a short time?

Chris: They went pretty smoothly but it had its up’s and down’s but over all it was a great experience.

Big Hoss: What do you guys think about how it came out?

Ernie: As musicians we will never be satisfied with what we do.

Big Hoss: Where can people get you cd?

Ernie: It should be everywhere if they stock it haha.

Big Hoss: What do your fans say about your cd?

Ernie: it sucks its crappy its just BS haha no im kidding, the kids give us a lot of love and they like what we are putting out.

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