Antagonist - An envy of innocence (Hardcore)

Written by rickmurder

Antagonist - An envy of innocence
Posted Aug 16, 2007.

I have known about this band for a few years now
and have had the pleasure to see them live a few
times. I have also had my lip split in one of their pits
Enough random jargin back to the music. I really enjoyed to listening
to this cd. It has the sound of there last album but a
more unified twist to it. The cd has alot more brutal points to it
the breakdowns are way more chuggier and added in a slower tempo
to make it even more bittier. The best way to explain the way they sound is
to say you mix classic metal guitar riffs with metal core and throw in a
really nice singing parts and i guess you have this band. The lead singer of the band
is also the guitarist he will bust out some really amazing riffs to
melt your face off. If you are at all into metal core and classic metal you need to put this album in your collection.


would I recogmendit: YES

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