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Written by Big Smile Staff

Another Day Late, Building Rome In A Day, and Eye Alaska

Posted Dec 11, 2007, by JAMES RANSOM.

This is a show review for Another Day Late, Building Rome In A Day, and Eye Alaska at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA that took place on 12/01/2007. Written by James Greenwood.

Building Rome In A Day
(Photo Above)
Discography: “BRIAD EP”


Show Review: I’ve been seeing this band around Orange County at shows for awhile. They are very hard working and just recently got signed to Doghouse Records. Right now they are on the “Pac Tour”, which is sponsored by Pacific Sunwear. Another Day Late came on and owned! They played songs off of both of their EP’s and it was awesome to hear all of their best songs again. If you are into Circa Survive, you would be into Another Day Late. Check them out!

Another Day Late

Discography: “News Said It’s Raining In New York”, “Ambers and Embers”


Show Review: This is another band that I’m good friends with. They are all amazing musicians and cool people to hang out with. Did I forget to mention an amazing band? Their pop/rock songs will make the girl’s hearts melt. They did a very good job of getting the crowd involved with their live show. They moved around a lot on stage, which is always a plus to watch. You don’t want to go to a show and see the band just stand there. Their energy and passionate performance proved that they are going places with their music in the future. If you want to listen to some awesome pop/rock music, check them out!

Eye Alaska

Discography: “Yellow And Elephant”


Show Review: Eye Alaska is one of my favorite bands. All the guys in that band are also good friends of mine. The show was sold out because Eye Alaska never fails to draw a HUGE crowd of fans/friends. The quality of their live show sounded just like their new EP “Yellow And Elephant”. They played about 10 songs, since they were the headlining band. They even played an old song called, “Divorce” from their old band Dead Letter Diaries. I enjoyed their set as always, and hung out with them after the show. We shared a few laughs and then I left Chain Reaction for the night.

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