Another Day Late + @ Chain Reaction 5/2/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Another Day Late, 80 Proof, Fighting Chance, Immune, Anti Fun Society, Jack the Brave At Chain Reaction 05/02/07

Posted May 5, 2007, by Big Hoss.

All right so this was a great show if you missed it you missed out. The night started off with Jonny Havoc, Rick Murder, my friend James and I all rolling up to chain reaction to meet with Another Day Late, so were all standing around talking about there tours and there weird happenings that they ran in to wile on tour, there equipment, jobs, music the magazine, ect. So we get our wristbands from the box office were all getting ready to go and get this show on the road, a couple of us went in to the music store next to chain reaction they have some pretty cool stuff in there and you can get bowl of cereal for $1 its pretty intense but they have tons of cool stuff in there some of you may remember it as the attic but its under a new name now I believe its called Music inc. but check it out next time your down there.

Back inside chain reaction the band Jack the Brave had just started playing if you’re in to progressive soul music you can check them out I did not really get to stand and watch them but from what I heard it sounded pretty cool but you can check them out on myspace at

Next up was a band called Anti Fun Society, this three-piece band comes from Los Alamitos CA and they are a pop punk band who are influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Rx Bandits, NoFx, Bouncing Souls, No Use For A Name, if you like any of those bands you might want to check these guys out but pop punk is not really my cup of tea these guys sounded alright I mean it wasn’t horrible but iv heard worse they can definitely do better but check them out at

Taking the stage next was Fighting Chance this band rocked if you like reggae, ska, and acoustic then you need to listen to this band because they remind me a lot of sublime and every one likes sublime so you definitely need to check these guys out. Up on stage the bass player was having a little trouble getting the amp to work but other then that every thing else went smoothly and they just rocked the stage and James and I were all in to it and getting our groove on but not as much as this one guy up front by the stage he was rocking out props to that guy, but these guys are on a small tour all around CA and hitting Las Vegas then New Mexico, Arizona and even Colorado and Texas so If they are in your town CHECK THEM OUT!! You will love these guys. Check them out on myspace at

After those guys was a band called immune they are a straight up rock band they played an alright set I wasn’t really in to the music it was good but just not it was weird but they put on a good set none the less but if you want to check them out go to they will be hitting the recording studio soon so when the new CD comes out check it out

This next band I was totally stoked on, their name is 80 Proof they are a mix of rock and reggae and they are a piece 6 band from Orange County, Ca and if you like bands like pepper and yet again sublime then this is another great band to listen to, they actually covered a song by sublime called “Bad Fish” witch was totally rocking every one was singing along to this song and a lot of there other songs, this is definitely a band you can throw in your CD player and just cruise and have a great time with it so for sure 80 proof is a band to check out. They have 2 shows coming up one on the 5th at the plush café in Fullerton and another in Long Beach at the Rhythm Lounge on the 17th you should very much check this band out. For more info on the band and dates and music go to

And the last to take the stage was Another Day Late these guys are super awesome and they rock, they used to be just a 4 piece band until they added on a new guitarist named Justin he is a cool guy and a great musician. Even though some of the people left, there was still a pretty decent crowd for these guys, but those people who left missed out, Kohl lead singer was actually wearing a Big Smile Magazine sticker on his nipple the whole show and every time they would end a song we would all yell “STICKER!” it was great, but these guys played a rockin set, my favorite song they played witch is also on the CD and on there myspace is “Expletives and Sentiments” There whole set was so energetic and so driven. They have a show coming up at the Whiskey A Go Go on the 23rd of June in Hollywood so if you miss this one you will be missing out on a super good show these guys know how to rock and have fun. For more info on the band and shows you can go to or also help them get on this summers 2007 Vans Warp Tour for Ernie Ball’s Battle Of The Bands Vote For ADL for battle of the bands and also help them open for Fall Out Boy also playing with +44,Cobra Starship and The Academy Is. To vote for them go here Vote For ADL to open for Fall Out Boy Select (San Diego – Coors Amphitheater, scroll down and select for Another Day Late then fill out the form)

If you ever see Another Day Late up on a flyer or on a show calendar definitely go to their show and pick up there CD “Ambers and Embers” it totally rocks and they put on an awesome live performance. After the show we were all hanging out chilling and having a great time laughing and bonding as friends it was good times, O and watch out for ADL on the front Cover of our Magazine for the artist of the week. We will have a contest to win a CD, Shirt and Signed poster don’t miss it and check out their interview in the interview section. ADL Rocks! Photos Taken By Ash



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