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Posted Oct 10, 2007, by Meesh!.

Who are you and where are you all from? A.M. Session is Garett Sakahara ..from Yorba Linda, California, Grady Hutt on Bass from Chicago, Dana Deignan on Drums from Boston, Bobby Greiert on Guitar and Lead Vocals from Snohomish, Washington

How long have you been together? (Garett) Bobby and I started this band a little under 3 years ago. We've had a few rhythm section switches, we hope that we have solidified those spots with Dana and Grady.

Describe your kind of music? (Garett) Well, we all have our influences across this whole band. I like to think this band as jam-band/rock/classic rock/that has feeling. We are still experimenting and still finding "our sound" but we have a good path right now.

Whats your myspace link or any other link you want to give us?

What band has influenced you the most? (Garett) Hmmm....depends on when you ask us. I would say Dave Matthews Band, that is Bobby's favorite band. My favorite band is U2. We take those bands as well as Coldplay, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, My Morning Jacket and others and try to come up with something original, but obviously have we have our influences in there.

What inspires your lyrics? What are they all about?
(Bobby) Usually its the music that takes me to a certain emotion or thought as a starting point. I find my subject and go from there. Its usually based on personal stuff, thats going on in my life or has happened to me; although I also try and write from a third person perspective on events that may have happened to someone else

Describe your band in one word? (Garett) LOUSY... (Bobby) Dandy....a real treat.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up? (Garett) Growing up in the 90s....there were many genres and many "phases" I always LOVED and still love UK music....a la ...Oasis, Coldplay, Travis, Radiohead, Tears for Fears, Stereophonics. But I love my rock....Foo FIghters, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Muse, and The Darkness. (Bobby) For me its always been DMB, The Stones, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Ben Harper, but I also love the Foo and Rage

Have a CD out? How can it be obtained? (Garett) We released our first album on our own. "Where We Know" It's currently on and you can find it on Itunes.

Do you have any upcoming shows? We will be at MR T's Bowl in L.A. on the 18th of October and at Rusty's on the Santa Monica Pier November 3rd

What are your favorite venues to play at? (Garett) Well, we loved playing the Roxy. The sound in there is great. The Derby is another venue that has been almost a "home territory" for us. When we went on tour, in Seattle, the High Dive was also a great place to play.

What do you try to have people get from your music? (Garett) we want people to get out of the music is what we get when we go to our favorite bands shows, a feeling of connection and understanding of the music. (Bobby) I agree I want them to feel like they are getting to see something thats not the same as every band out there and that they can connect with something in the music

What makes you different from other bands out there?
(Bobby) I think that if you come to our live show we jam out alot of our songs so they're never the same twice, and we try and change up the setlist as much as we can.

If you could open up for any band, who? (Garett) Any band that would love to have us. Actually, right now....any band that makes sense, with our sound. (Bobby) Obviously we'd love to open for a major act on a big tour, I'd love to open for My Morning jacket. But right now any band that we dig and they dig us would be great.

What do you like to do on the road? (Garett)....just being on the road is such a great escape. I am usually the DD, BUT if there is a casino on the way....a few hands of Blackjack doesn't hurt! (Bobby) let me see, well we like to check out the local bars where ever we may be, Dana is always pushin for a poker game...we did get to check out Red Rocks when we were in Denver, and we got to go on base and check out some of the tanks and artillery at Fort Carson CO which was a highlight.

What do you think about the war going on today? (Bobby) I don't know if you can really say a lot of great things about war in general, while my brother was in Iraq it was one of the hardest things my family has endured, and we didn't have a say in it. I will say that no matter your stance on the war you've got to support the troops, they are put in to some of the toughest positions humanly possible every day, away from family and friends for months years on end. When we were on tour we were able to spend some time with my Brother and some of the troops at Fort Carson, and these guys are amazing people who don't and didn't hesitate to sacrafice everything for people they may never know.

Any wild or crazy stories you'd like to share? (Garett) We had played a show at the Viper Room last Oct on Halloween. We decided to dress up as The Ghostbusters. The other guys were in the Ghostbuster get ups; however, I was the Staypuff Marshmellow Man! By the first two songs, the owner of the Viper Room had run next door, bought marshmellows and started chucking them at us during the set. By the end of the set, he bought us a round of shots.

If you could advice to a starting band or musician, what would it be? (Bobby) Play live and Practice as a band as much as you can its the only way to stay tight

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine? (Garett) I checked out the magazine and I really like it. Any form or resource of giving information to people who love and appreciate music is always a great thing. (Bobby) I think its great we really have a DIY attitude and anything like big smile that can mention young bands in the same space as name acts is a great help to expose people to new music.

Anything else you'd like to add or say anything to a fan reading this? (Bobby) I just want to thank everyone who believes in our music and comes out to support us here in Southern California and when were on the road, it really means a lot to us.

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