Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Feb 22, 2008, by MELODY.


Charisma, good-looks, and a killer sound are the reasons why All is Vanity is my new favorite band! This Trio rocked it out on stage at Hoggie Barmichaels on Tuesday night to adoring fans. It seems as though most of the crowd made their way out to Newport, to scream for their favorite local Norwalk metal band. All is Vanity sets themselves apart from the rest of the screaming metal bands with their use of intricate melodies and aggressive tempo changes. This group fuses an Incubus sounding pop-rock with an Avenged Seven Fold hard edgy metal flavor, making their sound an infectious whirlwind of musical style. The group cooked up one tasty set with the perfect blend of music and comedy. Wait a minute, did you just say comedy? Yes I did. These guys aren’t your everyday tough guy metal band with screaming vocals, and melt your face off crazy guitar solos, but are the total package of entertainment. Not only did they dish out a great set, but they made me laugh, and I loved every second. Among some of my favorite songs was “Vanity,” one of the groups more popular softer tunes. Even though this tune was softer they found a way to rock it out with some crazy double bass drum hits and crashing cymbals (the drummer put it down!). The lead guitarist and bassist shared the stage as lead vocal, and occasionally chimed in with well crafted harmonies. “Genocide,” “Turn Your Back,” and their more popular song “Drive Alone” rounded out the end of this very entertaining set from the guys. Now that you are totally stoked to hear about a new band to get obsessed about, stop staring at this review and go and check out All is Vanity!

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