Alexz Johnson

Written by Josh Snider

Jonny Havoc said: Out of both your music career and TV & Movie career, which one do you enjoy doing more?

Alexz Johnson Said: Music is definitely my first passion.. I've been focusing more on live touring this past two years and I don'y see myself slowing down anytime soon!

AJFan said: When did the album sampler change to an EP? Why did you decide to focus on that instead of the album right now?

Alexz Johnson Said: Because the album wasn't ready for release and I wanted to give the backers something.

Caro said: Who is your music inspiration? ;] Do you have in your plans tour in Europe?

Alexz Johnson Said: A have a few musical inspirations! I love Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Roy Orbison, Rickie Lee Jones... I just got back from a European tour!

Robb said: When will the album be released?

Alexz Johnson Said: I don't have an official release date. Thank you for your patience though!

AllieB said: Will the pledgers receive some extra demos or clips of songs while the album is being made?

Alexz Johnson Said: Most likely - I just posted a live recording of This Is Heartache from tour - you can check it out at

Stacy said: Will you ever release a live show on DVD/download or a live album from Europe?

Alexz Johnson Said: Definitely! I'd love to do that.

alexzfan92 said: What kind of candy do you like?

Alexz Johnson Said: Gummy bears.. :-)

Molly said: What is something you would really like to say to your fans right now?

Alexz Johnson Said: That I believe they will be very happy with the final record!

BSMInterview said: How many songs will be on the album? Will there be a deluxe edition? Special track for Pledge exclusives?

Alexz Johnson Said: 10-11 tracks. Maybe! Definitely. My main focus is the pledgers.

Elizabeth said: You mentioned that you were trying to acquire an international distributor for the album, how is the process going?

Alexz Johnson Said: Quite well :-) More news to come....

Freddy said: I think you said before that you can visualize a video for every record on this record, do you think you will bring theses all to life or just a few? Will you allow fans to be a part of the videos like you have in the past?

Alexz Johnson Said: I have so many ideas for videos... I am working at getting this new material in the right hands to help me create the quality videos I'd like to do..

Jonny Havoc said: If you could have any one job, what could you see your self doing full-time?

Alexz Johnson Said: Touring/music !!

Unnamed said: You seemed reluctant to release the EP after it was posted on music websites to purchase. But the EP was sold a short time later at your tour. Care to explain your thought process?

Alexz Johnson Said: The EP was leaked before I had the opportunity to release to pledgers first.

Giana said: Is there any instrument that you still want to learn to play?

Alexz Johnson Said: Piano.

Jason said: When writing a song do you find it easier to write by yourself or collaborate with others?

Alexz Johnson Said: I like both.... it's nice to collaborate with a producer - often there's so many things to try at your fingertips. It's also very important to be able to sit in a room by yourself and emote what you're feeling into your lyrics.

Robby said: In a recent interview you said you were trying to decide between 2 different names for the album, are you any closer in determining what the album will be called?

Alexz Johnson Said: Not yet.

Robby said: After immersing yourself in the New York City music scene, have you considered moving to other areas of the United States like Los Angeles, New Orleans, etc., to take in their unique scenes?

Alexz Johnson Said: Right now, NYC feels like home. With my intention of touring a lot this upcoming few years, it's a good place to keep my things!

Robby said: If you could write a song with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Alexz Johnson Said: I'd love to write Peter Gabriel.

Robby said: To my knowledge "Mr. Jones" is the only song off of Voodoo that you've never performed live, is there any chance that song will be performed in the future?

Alexz Johnson Said: Maybe? I have quite a bit of material to choose form for live shows, and it never stood out to me as a song I need to have in my set - but you never know?

Robby said: After playing stripped down versions of your songs across Europe what are the possibilities of releasing an Acoustic album in the future?

Alexz Johnson Said: Maybe

Musicfan said: Can you share any info about your role on the upcoming season of Blue? What songs will your character perform?

Alexz Johnson Said: Her name is Satya - a busking singer/songwriter. I wrote and recorded the three songs for the series -

I Can't Hold Back Mary Breathing In Your Smoke

Anakin said: Would you ever want to work with Greg Wells again on another album?

Alexz Johnson Said: I love Greg! I definitely would!

Giana said: When you're recording songs do you need something special in the studio to feel comfortable?

Alexz Johnson Said: The vibe of the people around have to be cool... they need to be on the same page as me to get comfortable.

Josh Snider said: Alexz, You're super awesome for doing this interview with us! It is really awesome to see you connect with your fans

Thanks for being a part of Big Smile Magazine, we'd have you back any time!

Josh Snider said: Any last words?

Alexz Johnson Said: Thanks for having me! Cheers!!

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