Aizen (Metal)

Written by rickmurder

Posted Jul 21, 2010.

This metal band that isn't quite metal but is still metal if that makes any sense at all. Best way to put it, is that its reminiscent of metal that we saw in the early 2000's like trapt, incubus, tool, hoobastank. The cd does throw a different dynamic by sounding more like some screamo bands that we have had within the last few years. I wouldn't go out on a limb and say that its metal core, it doesn't have the tenacity to be considered that style of music. I wasn't excited for the musical work of this cd. I felt that the guitar was hidden in the back of the musical spectrum, and for being quote, unquote a metal band, I felt that it lacked the chops required for that label. Overall, i feel that this band will be sifted to the discount isle at bionic records, and not headlining the next ozfest.

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