Agnes: Interviewing from Augusta

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Sep 18, 2007, by Cristal <3.


Big Smile Magazine: Alright, lets start off by introducing yourselves and what part you take in the band.

Michael: Me first!

Taylor: Haha

Evan: Evan Grantski, Drums

Michael: I'm Michael, I play bass. I said ME

Taylor: Taylor Beatty, Vocals

Big Smile Magazine: Hello Evan, Michael, and Taylor

Michael: Hi

Taylor: Helloooo

Michael: He likes boys in the band

Evan: I love how your name is pink

Michael: this an Alcoholic Anonymous...?

Evan: Haha. No. Shut up!

Michael: Sorry

Evan: Haha

Big Smile Magazine: No, it's group therapy but only for you Michael

Michael: Alright. We strive to be like Dave Matthews band and only them

Evan: Hahaha. Shut up!

Taylor: Michael...

Michael: Sorry. I strive to be like Dave Matthews band

Big Smile Magazine: So lets get on with the questions

Michael: Alright, time to get serious

Taylor: Fire away

Big Smile Magazine: How'd you come up with the band name Agnes?

Evan: Oh jeez, not this one again haha

Taylor: Well, me and our old bassist were walking down the street one day WAY before there was a band, and we were just thinking of cool band names. Agnes seemed cool at the time.

Michael: No one tells me anything. I heard that was Dave Matthew's mom's name though. A likely story.

Big Smile Magazine: What were a few other band names you were thinking of before you decided on this one?

Michael: Incubus, but it was taken.

Big Smile Magazine: Hahaha

Taylor: We were Escape Krypton at one time. Honestly.

Evan: Yeah, yeah.

Michael: We're awesome

Taylor: But other than that, we could only come up with generic emo sounding band names.

Evan: Agnes seemed best. Original

Taylor: Yeah

Michael: Yeah, I remember Slice Of Wrist. Not our prime.

Evan: Haha

Big Smile Magazine: Haha. Well I guess it's good that you stuck with Agnes

Taylor: Indeed haha.

Michael: I'll drink to that!

Big Smile Magazine: So as a band, do you believe you came up with the sound you were looking for?

Michael: I'll let the boys answer this one...

Evan: Haha. Well...

Taylor: Evan's got it

Evan: Honestly, yes. We're always seeked change in one way or another but, we stuck with what we have always wanted.

Michael: I enjoy rocking the bass no matter what I'm playing

Taylor: We just kind of play what we like

Michael: We play what we write a lot of the time

Evan: We usually don't let anything stop us

Michael: Except for stop signs and red lights

Taylor: Whether we're liking Hardcore, Pop Punk, whatever at the time

Evan: Or even a little bit of like Ambient stuff haha

Michael: Atleast 60% of the time

Evan: Atleast like 0% of the time DMB

Big Smile Magazine: So do you listen to the same type of music that you play or do you expand it?

Michael: I don't, generally.

Evan: I listen to all sorts of different stuff

Michael: Yeah, same here

Taylor: Me too

Michael: But mostly Dave Matthews Band and Incubus

Evan: I like to think I have the broadest range of taste

Michael: I like to think Dave Matthews Band is the best band ever...

Taylor: I just like playing harder stuff, but I listen to all ends of the spectrum

Michael: Yeah. Our scene digs the harder stuff so I dont mind if it excites the children of Augusta, then I'm totally down

Big Smile Magazine: Smart guys

Taylor: Haha thanks

Michael: I didn't do a very good job in school but I'll accept that. I like Sour Patch Kids

Big Smile Magazine: Since we're in this area of different styles of music, which bands have been the biggest influence either on the band or in yourself as a musician? What kicked start you to pick up the instruments you now play today?

Taylor: I'll always say Blink 182 and most of the band will too

Michael: Brandon Boyd of Incubus straight up. Made me love music

Evan: Incubus, Brand New

Michael: And of course Dave Matthews Band

Evan: Haha ummm honestly, also a lot of A Day To Remember and Chiodos

Big Smile Magazine: Two very good bands

Taylor: Yeah

Michael: We like good music

Big Smile Magazine: Sour Patch Kids are gross FYI

Michael: I quit

Big Smile Magazine: Haha

Taylor: Stuff that got me into harder stuff were bands like From Autumn To Ashes, stuff like that

Michael: Poison The Well for me

Taylor: I said stuff too much

Michael: I say everything too much

Evan: Definitley FATA and Poison The Well both for me

Taylor: Yeah, Poison The Well deff

Big Smile Magazine: When I got contact of you guys I believe you said the music you have right now is on your myspace page and if I remember correctly, no demo or CD right?

Michael: Not yet. In the works

Evan: Right

Michael: Soon, very soon

Taylor: yea, we're actually going back to ledbelly studios this next month to finish it up

Michael: it will bring tears to your eyes... that's all i'm going to say

Big Smile Magazine: When should fans be ready to get their hands on those?

Taylor: id say early winter

Evan: probably spring time

Taylor: hmm..

Michael: i'm gonna go with fall

Big Smile Magazine: haha

Michael: just to mix it up

Taylor: mid winter?

Evan: haha. I don't want to give any hopes up, so I say Spring

Michael: evan's pretty negative

Evan: its always the more productive time. It's true

Big Smile Magazine: aww emo

Michael: haha. Slice of wrist,he came up with the name for obvious reasons

Taylor: sometime when the weather isnt hot

Evan: haha

Big Smile Magazine: awww be nice

Evan: we hate hot weather

Michael: i hate weather

Big Smile Magazine: awesome

Michael: i prefer climate controlled houses

Big Smile Magazine: Do you have any titles for this CD or still in the works?

Michael: morning view

Evan: haha

Taylor: we've got some ideas floating around but we'll keep it a surprise

Evan: None we really want to release quite yet

Big Smile Magazine: Alright, awesome. Looking forward to the surprise.

Taylor: Ohh, factoid: we have a music video in the works

Big Smile Magazine: Oh, and which song will this be?

Evan: Factoid...

Taylor: Probably "Before Spring Break" but it's not set in stone

Michael: It's like a robot full of facts

Evan: Hahaha

Taylor: Duhh Evan

Big Smile Magazine: Haha

Evan: No I was laughing at it

Big Smile Magazine: Do you have a director for this music video?

Evan: Yeah

Michael: We have a conductor

Evan: We have like 2, kind of, haha. We haven't picked one yet.

Taylor: Chase Kleist and Steven Karlson. Collaboation.

Evan: Carlson

Taylor: Yea, that one

Michael: May I throw in...sports knight? I quit

Taylor: No. Haha

Michael: You guys hate me

Evan: Haha we do. You're out

Big Smile Magazine: Haha. Show your boy some lovin' guys

Michael: they kick me out all the time

Taylor: I already did, but he didn't want to cuddle

Evan: God I wish there was a STICKemoticon

Taylor: So I'm mad at him right now

Michael: Oh I cuddle, I cuddle real good

Taylor: Not with me

Evan: Your dog doesn't count

Michael: You didn't ask, you just assumed it was okay. Evan, shut up

Big Smile Magazine: Alright, lets get back to the interview boys

Evan: Sorry, haha

Taylor: Sorry

Michael: What you do outside of AIM chat interviews doesn't count ahem

Big Smile Magazine: Are you currently touring around your area or plan on to?

Evan: We plan to

Michael: We've been opening for Dave Matthews Band, a lot. Okay, no more DMB, sorry.

Taylor: We're planning a pretty big East Coast tour this summer

Evan: IF all works according

Taylor: But until then, we'll be playing regionally

Michael: <>< I made a fish

Big Smile Magazine: How special...

Evan: We're actually taking a break right now for writing and stuff

Big Smile Magazine: Do you have any bands that you're going to plan on playing with for this East Coast tour?

Taylor: Maybe a Boston band called When Girls Kiss Girls

Michael: Estrela

Evan: Psh! haha

Taylor: The first one

Big Smile Magazine: Have you guys ever thought of doing a West Coast tour, maybe through a state called California?

Michael: Where's that? Mexico?

Evan: Haha

Taylor: haha well...

Evan: Yeah we'd love to

Michael: If you fund it

Evan: haha

Taylor: We honestly just haven't had the money yet

Michael: Fund that and a new tattoo for me

Evan: Get your zine to fund it and hell we'll do it!

Michael: Mainly the tattoo

Big Smile Magazine: Haha, I'll see what I could do

Evan: Haha

Taylor: This summer tour will be our first major one, but we promise we'll be in California soon

Michael: I have to go call a female because I love females

Big Smile Magazine: Ha alright thanks for sticking around for some of the interview

Michael: Put my funny moments in there and not the unfunny ones. Make me look awesome.

Big Smile Magazine: We'll see...

Taylor: Oh boy

Evan: Haha bass players are always weird...yeah

Big Smile Magazine: I have to agree on that note. So I have to ask this because the answers you could get form this question are infinite. If you could open up for any musician or musicians, who would it be?

Taylor: Humm as of right now, I'd say Underoath or somebody huge like that in the screamo scene.

Evan: Brand New, Escape Krypton. yeah, as me personally, I'd also love the Easrly November because they are no longer.

Taylor: Before they broke up.

Even: No, after ha. So it would be that amazing

Big Smile Magazine: Good choices

Evan: Thanks

Taylor: We've already had the immense pleasure of opening for A Day to Remember, Horse The Band and Inked In Blood.

Evan: And Forever The Sickest Kids

Taylor: Them too

Evan: They are all on big lables

Big Smile Magazine: Out of all your shows and opening for bands such as those (ADTR/Embrace The Day, ETC), which one would you say was the best?

Taylor: Deff ADTR

Evan: Oh! Easy! It was ADRT, HOrse The Band, My Children My Bride, Blessed By A broken Heart and A Skylit Drive. You can't beat it haha.

Taylor; Lovely day

Evan: 400-500 kids or even more maybe. Packed in a tiny venue

Taylor: Which is big for the little venus we were in. Yeah

Big Smile Magazine: Wow! Nice. I'm jealous

Taylor: Shucks

Evan: It ended up getting shut down because there were too many people

Big Smile Magazine: That's always a sign that it was a good show

Evan: Haha. We possibly had the most people at the show watching us ebcause of when we played and everything

Taylor: Yeah, it was a good time to play after us and HOrse The Band, they started limiting people

Big Smile Magazine: Did this show expand how many fans you have this day?

Evan: Maybe. I mean I'd have to hope so haha

Taylor: Yeah, there were a lot of people froma ll over Georgia and South Carolina, so I'd say it did

Big Smile Magazine: Good exposure

Evan: Most definitely

Big Smile Magazine: Since we're on the topic of "fans", whats the most dedicated thing a fan has done for you or proved how big of a fan of Agnes they are?

Evan: Set up my drums while I wasn't there haha. For me anyway

Taylor: Probably Zack Chandles from New York making all those fan art thigs for us

Evan: We do love him. He actually like, grafitied our name in the bathrooms up there and got us quite possibly a lot of fans

Taylor: He's a sweetie pie

Big Smile Magazine: Well props to Zack!

Taylor: Props indeed

Big Smile Magazine: So is there anything you'd change about Agnes Both addition and subtraction?

Taylor: Humm I'd add some money because we're poor

Evan: Ha, sponsors, love, food, sponsors, and more fans. we can't get enough of fans

Big Smile Magazine: Well I will do my best in doing a few of those things for you guys

Taylor: I hope it's food

Evan: Or love

Taylor: Same thing

Big Smile Magazine: Haha! Well this is the last question to this amazing interview, which I thank you from Big Smile Magazine, if you could say anything you want to promote Agnes, what would you say?

Taylor: Give us a listen, we may just change your life

Evan: Ha I can't top that

Big Smile Magazine: Well seriously keep up the good work and keep your heads on straight, hopefully we'll be seeing you on the West Coast soon enough and we'll be waiting for your CD and also music video

Taylor: Thank you sooo much!

Evan: Yes thank you

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