Abstract Perfection (Hardcore)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Abstract Perfection
Posted Sep 1, 2006.

Jon - Vocals
Josh - Guitar
Wes - Bass
Camillo - Drums

What is music to you?
Jon: AWESOME I love music, all types but i prefer the harder stuff.
Josh: Music is everything to me! Its the best way to show creativity and a good way to express emotions.

What is the best thing about music?
Jon: that there are so many genres and types and you can play all of them.
Josh: What Jon said haha.

What is the worst thing about music?
Jon: that people judje you by certain types you listen to.
Josh: A lot of hardcore bands/emo/screamo, etc...all sound the same within their genre. Hardcore bands sound like hardcore bands. Emo bands sound like emo bands. Bands should be more creative with their style. If they're gonna be hardcore, dont play what that other band is playing. Play what you want to play.

Does being involved in playing music make you miss out on anything?
Jon: sometimes, ive played shows while all my friends are hanging out or when theres another show that kinda sucks
Josh: Yeah we all sorta miss out sometimes on our social life for the band.

What other instruments can you play?
Jon:um i can play bass and i want to play bass for a band but thats just because i love it so much haha
Josh: I can play clarinet haha.

What do you guys do for work right now, other than playing music?
Jon: school? haha were lazy
Josh: I think our drummer is the only one with the job...and i dont remember what it is.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?
Jon:haha i used to be like way into rap but other than that i liked slick shoes the oc supertones and all that stuff and of course ZAO
Josh: I started off on listening to "Little boy music" that I bought at walmart or Christian bookstores. Like worship for kids haha. I dont know. I listened to a lot of k-roq. I guess the band, Sum 41, somehow encouraged me to play guitar haha. They were my favorite. So I started off with punk and then opened up to classic rock. Most recently though, I've totally been listening to some old-school metal. Its definately an influence to the music we all write in this band.

Did your parents like you playing music and the person you are today?
Jon:they dont really like my music, or my hair but they are very supportive when it comes to shows and stuff.
Josh: Same. My dad actually likes this music. He likes "real" hardcore and tough guy stuff haha. My mom doesnt like it. She just tells me I did a good job on stage or something haha.

Is there a venue or area you would like to play that you have not played before?
Jon: the house of blues! and the glass house would be awesome
Josh: House of Blues! And the Whisky

What is your favorite venue or area to play shows?
Jon: We love playing the alley, i dont know why but we named that place our home venue haha.
Josh: The Alley in Fullerton is amazing. Always a good show everytime we play there.

How was your first show?
Jon:our first show was a church show, that show was soo crappy, we didnt do our best and i was crazy nervous i barely rember it haha
Josh: I disagree with Jon. I thought it was good...but I was sick and had a temperature of like..105 while I was playing. Everyone thought I was gonna faint. BUT ACTUALLY! Our first show was at the Whiskey in November of 2005 with a COMPLETELY different lineup. Jon, Wes, and Camillo weren't even in the band. And it was a total flop of a show. And thats all I'm saying on it hahaha.

Where was your best show?
Josh: Each show we play has better qualities to it. We don't really have a best show.

What religion are you and does that have an effect on your music?
Jon:all of us in the band are christian and we tell everyone that every show, it does affect how we are like being straightedge and whatnot
Josh: We are all Christians. And I wouldn't see how it affects our music. People like it, and people respect us for being Christians and telling people we are Christians.

How did you come up with your band name and what does it means?
Josh: Our old guitar player came up with the name. Unfortunately we had to kick him out. When we did he wanted the name back...but its a group name so he didn't get it back.

Did you have any previous band names?
Josh: I was in a band with our bass player, Wes. We were called Ongoing Agony. That is now one of our song titles.

What would you say to a kid who has no faith in himself?
Josh: We would probably pray with the person if they would let us.

Who do you one day want to play a show with the most?
Jon: i would LOVE to play with zao and just because they were the first hardcore band i listend too
Josh: Definately Zao! Or maybe As I lay Dying or Bleeding Through.

Why do you play music, what makes you strive to be heard?
Jon: i play music because its fun, you can make up your own stuff and sound good
Josh: I play music to kill time haha. But seriously. I just want to write some crazy songs and play them on stage and have a good time.

Why would anyone want to hear your music and what you are saying thru it?
Josh:I dont know why people would want to hear it...hopefully because they like us. And we are only spreading a positive message in our music.

How many people in the band right now are the original band members?
Jon: 4 right now, we might get a second guitarist its just a matter of finding the right person, i myself am the most recent member haha
Josh: I am the only original member left in this band.

What brought your band together?
Josh: 3 kids who wanted to try to play hardcore. Then they brought me in haha

Any funny or interesting stories?
Jon: the fact the everyone else in the band gets all the chicks and the frontman doesnt get squat

How long have you been a band?
Jon:since early november of 2005
Josh: Thats true. But that was when we were totally different with different people. Those people left and it was just the other guitar player and I. So we brought in Jon, Wes, and Camillo and started back up again around mid-December.

What do you wish for your band to be in 5 years?
Jon:still together haha, and that were signed to a nice label like solid state
Josh: I dont want to be signed to solid state...

What is the best thing about being a band?
Jon:that you can travel and play shows
Josh: People we meet. People dancing for us at shows. Thats always a good complament for a band.

How old were each of you when starting to play instruments?
Jon:i was about 13 when i started playing bass
Josh: I was 11 when I started guitar.

As a band still in highschool what kind of respect or disrespect do you guys get?
Jon:it seems like we have to earn our respect from fans and promoters alike
Josh: Everything is positive. The people are amazed by our age. And the promoters are chill with it to.

Where have you been playing lately and how has your response been?
Jon:the alley alot! we get a pretty good crowd and nice pits

What inspires each of you to play?
Jon:the music of course
Josh: I go to a lot of shows. I see my favorite bands on stage playing. I wanted that to be me. Now it is haha. I just love playing.

Have you ever been on tour?
Jon:never i want to go so bad. i love road trips and playing shows, so both of those together?!

Your your latest cd, what do you guys think about it and what did your fans say about it?
Jon:we love it! its a live recording at houges and it sounds awesome, were gonna be handing it out after shows and stuff so try and get one!
Josh: Even though it's live. It still sounds amazing and it has our personal favorite songs on it. But we're definately gonna go in and record sometime late September or October in a real studio.

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