A Static Lullaby + @ Knitting Factory 4/23/07

Written by Big Smile Staff

Posted Apr 6, 2007, by Smeagol.


(Fearless Records)

One can already guess that times have changed since A Static Lullaby's 2002 debut "And don't forget to Breathe" was released, "screamo" and "post-hardcore" have since become household names and band after band hashing the same sound has turned the genre this band helped push into the Hot Topics of the world into something cheesy, generic and tired. The evolution of the band, however, can definitely be witnessed on this new record (their 3rd after a brief flirtation with minor major label success.) Now on Fearless Records, the band took a step back and seems to have evaluated themselves and their sound for their new self-titled album. Although the band has never been the biggest or the best in their genre, they certainly can be commended as survivors, suffering lineup changes and 3 labels in as many records. Bringing a lot heavier, darker sound this time around with a touch of melody in everywhere that it needs to be, ASL seem to fit the mold they helped create at the same time trying to escape from it. If you're a fan of their previous albums, then you'll definitely appreciate this record. If you prefer not to touch any of the bands in this genre with a ten foot pole, then ASL is not recommended.


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