A Moments Notice Sampler

Written by Mary Dean


A Moment’s Notice is a post-hardcore band out of Orange County, CA. I recently obtained a copy of their sampler with 2 songs, “B.F.F.O. (Best Friend Fall Out)” & “You and I (Were Meant To Scream).” I didn’t have any opinions of it beforehand as I was new to this band’s music. From the first note of the first song to the last note of the second song I was falling in love with the music. It took me back to the bands I loved growing up and still do. Rock and Roll music with lyrics that I can relate to. Catchy notes with a hard rock edge.
The first song “B.F.F.O.” is what gets the listener hooked. No wonder the band chose this as their single. The vocals are pronounced clearly for me, the listener, to really understand. It helped me feel what he was going through and be able to relate it to a time in my own life. I found myself taping my foot. Don’t let the catchy vocals fool you. This band isn’t just full of emotion. They are also hardcore. The breakdown shows that they know how to get your head moving and get you into their music.

The second and last song “You and I” is also a great song. The deep growls is what really caught my attention. It is a way different song than “B.F.F.O.” That really shows the talent in this band. When I heard the breakdown, I envisioned a mosh pit of fans. And I found myself craving to be at their show rocking out. My favorite part in this song is the drums. The fast tempo gets me pumped up.

This teaser sampler is what the band needs to get you hooked. After you hear these two songs you will crave more and the band will be supplying more in the future with more music and shows. Contact the band at Facebook.com/AMomentsNotice for band, music, & show info. Also you can request a sampler for yourself. You can also contact them on Twitter at twitter.com/ AMNtheband. This is not the last time you’ll be hearing about this band. They are just at the beginning of their rise.

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