80's Pop inspired Colleen D'Agostino to release "The Wolves"

Written by Josh Snider

Colleen D'Agostino's
Release New Song "Drag Me Down" off upcoming EP
"The Wolves"

"The Wolves" EP to Release on February 4th
Pre-Order Deluxe Package + Receive EP Download Here: bit.ly/1b6s4Fn

January 29, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA -- Colleen D'Agostino has released a new song, "Drag Me Down,"off her upcoming EP, "The Wolves"with her new 80's-inspired electro-pop solo project With Beating Heartson February 4th, 2014. Stream the song on MXDWN.com here: bit.ly/WBHdragmedown. Known by many as the soulful and raspy female lead with powerhouse vocals that soar over her LA rock band The Material, the multi-faceted Colleen D'Agostino unleashes another dimension of her artistic identity with her newest venture, With Beating Hearts. Fans can pre-order The Wolves deluxe-edition bundle and receive an instant digital download of "The Wolves" EP here: bit.ly/1b6s4Fn. For more information, check out With Beating Hearts here: www.withbeatinghearts.com.

About the meaning behind "Drag me Down," D'Agostino says, "'Drag Me Down' is a song about the decision to stick to your guns and not change yourself for other people." She continues, "I think the music has a really edgy electro-pop feel to it- sort of an eighties throwback, but with a futuristic vibe. The song means a lot to me, it's a reminder to myself as well as an anthem to everyone out there to stay true to yourself."

An accomplished rock band front woman, studio vocalist and lyricist - with placements on major television networks including MTV, Fox Sports, the WB as well as the video game Rock Band, her strengths as a songwriter and vocalist are undeniable. It is her raw energy and captivating live performance - as seen on tour with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and at festivals including SXSW, Summerfest and Warped Tour - that truly set her apart from the pack. Grammy.com heralded her commanding stage presence, exclaiming that her live show will leave audiences "visually blown away" with "bodies pounding to rhythm" - a vigor that has helped develop With Beating Hearts' gripping brand of melodic and danceable electro-pop.

Produced by Blake Harnage of Versa (formerly VersaEmerge), D'Agostino flew out to his studio in Florida to make use of his extensive keyboard and synth collection for "The Wolves." "I think it really made the EP what it is - an edgy, electro-pop EP," she says, "It's definitely a change from The Material, but I think it's always good to try new things and explore your creativity."

About the upcoming release and venturing into the electro genre, D'Agostino says, "I have been working away at my solo project and 'The Wolves' EP for the past year and I am so excited to finally share it with everyone. I think I was itching to break away from the rock world for awhile and it felt good to tap into the electronic pop side of myself." She continues, "I think these tracks really captured the 80s child in me."

01. The Wolves
02. Crazy Love
03. The One For You
04. Fall Fast (Blake Harnage Remix)

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