80 Proof - EP (Reggae/Punk)

Written by rickmurder

80 Proof
Posted May 9, 2007

This cd only has five tracks that make you beg for more. They have a sublime feel mixed with swankiness of ska. But more on the reggae side of the spectrum. The cd makes you move around side to side put your lighters in the air and just make lean back and have another beer or well other substances. The album lets you just go to a better place when you listen to it with awesome guitar riffs and complicated beats produced by the drummer, help your adventure get started. The bassist even has his momments for sure. I cant forget to metion that they have a person playing the congas! They rip it up on stage (i have had the pleasure to see them live) with awesome crowd participation. There is a song on there has a Santana feel to it and little hotel California also..amazing! This will be the cd for me to listen on the way to the beach then listen while i am at the beach then on the way home from the beach. The only way that i know that its available is seeing this band live, i am sure you could contact them on myspace.com and get yourself a copy, now!!!

Would I recommend it? Yes!!!!

Overal sound. 9
Riffs. 8
Brutality. 2
Mosh. 2
Party worthey. 10.

<3 rick murder

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