24E (Rock)

Written by Jonny Havoc

Posted Jul 24, 2007.

Hi this is cblime, I am a song and dance man. I stole that. Actually I am the singer, play back up guitar to Travis’ genius and am the writer of our songs beginnings.
Travis: Lead guitar and texture for 24E
Steve: I am the low end energy of the band on bass.
Bryan: The drums and the professor.

You can find us at www.24Eonline.com

Any other websites?
Bryan: We actually have a few official fan sites out there. By that I mean we have approved them and support them with music, news and pics. The support has been awesome. Go by and say hi, here are their addresses.
USA - www.myspace.com/the24legion
Germany - www.myspace.com/24e_germany
Latin America - www.myspace.com/24ehispanicfansite

Do you have any upcoming shows or tours?
Steve: We are on our way to Las Vegas to perform and hang out with some of our greatest supporters and friends from around North America. It will be awesome!
Travis: We will be back in Hollywood on August 18th at the Knitting Factory. Working with Sueflay promotions on that one. They are great.
cblime: We are also working on doing a mini tour of the U.S. before getting out to Germany in late fall we hope. The support there has been awesome and we really want to connect with our German fans.

What inspires most of your lyrics?
cblime: This is tough to answer briefly but I will try. Without sounding too elusive, inspiration inspires me. You know it when you feel it and it comes from many places. Our song “She Moves Me” is about this inspiration. “She” is used as inspiration’s identity. For me this inspiration comes often through relationships. Some deep, some observed and some spiritual.

What is the best thing about music?
cblime: From my quote in our Bio “Music moves people and a good song can make you feel and understand things right to the depths of your soul. There is a responsibility that comes with that and we accept it as a calling we have on our lives.”
Travis: The unlimited potential of expression.

Any funny/interesting stories?
cblime: I do not know if this counts, but when we were recording our upcoming c.d. at Elicit studios in Hollywood, we were staying at this dive of a motel. All of us in one room, you know we just needed a place to sleep as most of the time we were working. Anyways, I went out early to get coffee for everyone at Starbucks and it was an interesting site to say the least. There were two popular character actors in Starbucks that morning whom you would know but I won’t mention, several beautiful women and a host of bums. No one was talking to each other yet they all seemed as though they belonged. A strange utopia. Bums, Hot Chicks and Actors (subtitled - Starbucks in L.A.) became one of the working titles of our upcoming c.d.
Steve: Here is the real story, cblime was on a penance run for keeping us up. There are 2 things to know when sharing a room with cblime. He snores and he has a moderate case of narcolepsy. He can sleep in 20 seconds from head to pillow. By the 3rd night he had to give us a 15 minute head start. In most cases it still wasn’t enough.

What do you think about UFOs?
cbime: There is no doubt that there are things that appear that are unidentifiable to the observer. However I believe most all of them are explainable to someone. But I do not close out the possibility of spiritual visions, good or evil.
Travis: I think people can believe anything if its on television.

What religion are you guys and does it effect your music?
cblime: We are Christians. But we do not claim any organization because with that can come assumptions about our specific beliefs that we would rather speak for ourselves on. We try to follow the teachings of the bible as we have studied them.
Travis: I am a Christian and it impacts every aspect of my life.

What do you think of vegetarians?
Bryan: I am a little confused by them. I would like to sit down with a real vegetarian some day and ask what is wrong with meat? Especially since God gave us such sharp teeth.
Steve: I have no real opinion of them but I do think they are missing out. Not only on some good tasting things but also on some good stuff for your body.

What were some of your favorite bands growing up?
Steve: Ahhhh, I love this question. The Beatles, The Who and KISS to name a few. I am inspired by Motown and the funk brothers. James Jamerson is a great influence for me.
Travis: The Beatles, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Heartbreakers with Tom Petty.
Bryan: The Police, U2 and Toto. The drums and rhythmic aspects of a song are important to me but even more than that is being able to connect to the melody and the lyrics. Something that makes me feel. I would rather be know as a drummer that plays whats perfect for the song more than a drummer with awesome technical skills.
cblime: I listened to so much growing up from The Beatles to The Cure and from Mozart to Metallica. I am inspired by the songwriting process and how it is transferred and interpreted in the recording. The Beatles and John Lennon are my biggest inspirations.

Have you lost any fans for doing something drastic? (like moving to a bigger label, changing your sound?
Bryan: Not really, I think. But we have experienced some of our biggest fans feeling more distanced as our popularity grows. It was easier to nurture the musical connection, that we often develop with individuals, in the beginning. It is still one of the most important things to us but it is hard to have the time to be really close friends with everyone. The popularity brings more people and less time. A dilemma for sure.

Anything you would like to say to your fans reading this interview?
Bryan: We appreciate you all and would love to sit down and have coffee and a conversation with you all, seriously if it were only possible.
cblime: It is truly for this musical connection that we do what we do. We love music and breathe by it but with the art comes the deep need to share it and see it realized by others.
Travis: Thanks you for your continued support and hope to play for you in your city soon.

How did you come up with the title of your live album "Live From Jupiter"?
cblime: Jupiter Records is the label we are with. It made sense and sounded cool! If you want to trip out on something I did early on. Check out the zodiac sign for Jupiter. It was not an intentional decision but something we learned after the fact.

How long did you wait from start to finish making the CD and how did it feel?
cblime: The songs came from the best writings of ours of the last few years. Chosen by us along with Rob Hoffman (producer) and our manager Tom Callahan. The record took us about 3 weeks to record. We really gelled and Rob was connected to the vibe immediately.
Bryan: We are anxious to get this c.d. out and get out on the road. But also because we really want to record again. We have so many songs already ready for the next c.d.

Any advice for anyone thinking about recording a CD?
Travis: Hire a good producer and be ready to be honest with yourself.
cblime: Before you bring in a producer, be ready and rehearsed with your songs BUT also be willing to hold them with an open hand and allow the producer to recreate with you. It’s hard because you become attached but unless you have a big label budget, you do not have time to write every part new in the studio.

What do you think of Big Smile Magazine?
cblime: They have been really pro with us and helpful and might I add patient. Thanks guys.o

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