14 Songs In 28 Days (Comp)

Written by Jonny Havoc

14 Songs In 28 Days
Written Aug 8, 2007.

This cd is a collaborative song writing experiment whereby musicians os all walks, genres, and skill levels all challenge them selves to compose 14 original pieces during the shortest month of the year. The Belief is that writing under pressure in a limited period of time can yield creative and high-quality works. This comp documents some of the best output from 14 participants in the third annual FAWM Challenge in Feb. 06, which saw over 350 songwriters from 12 countries strive to meet the goal. all the bands on this cd did all this work in 28 days and when I listened to the cd it was all great, great recording, no songs were only half put together. I am impressed. Granted song songs are not my style but I can still appreciate it.

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