12 Cents - For The Win (Pop/Punk)

Written by rickmurder

12 Cents - For The Win
Posted Nov 28, 2010.

One of the better pop punk albums I have come across in years! 12 cents takes me back to early blink 182, green day, dogwood, mxpx. The guitar is poppy, the snare is crisp and the keyboard adds a great flavor to the entire album. The lyrics are relatively clear and easy to understand which allows for awesome sing along opportunities as you drive around town. Each track doesn't let up the momentum at all just keeping your fist in the air and heart pumping. They do throw in a couple of funny odd audio clips from them live at shows or trying to do a radio promotion. Even one track has a cabaret jive to the song which adds more dynamic to the already powerful album. Overall great album I would recommend it to anyone and I am sure this band would be amazing live.



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